10th - 15th, June 2024

Gathering of Blockchain Professionals and Enthusiasts

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Blockchain interoperability and AI: Powering Africa's Digital Transformation

Lagos Blockchain Week is a thrilling and all-encompassing event meticulously crafted to unite the vibrant and varied community centered around blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.


Radission Blu, Ikeja


June 10th - 15th, 2024.


Confirmed Speakers



IRL Workshops

Through interactive sessions, discussions, and real-world applications, attendees can deepen their understanding, connect with industry experts, and contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of the various protocols through Lagos Blockchain Week.

Online Workshops

As part of the buildup to Lagos Blockchain Week, Online Workshops serve as a dynamic and accessible avenue for participants to delve into the world of blockchain technology. These virtual workshops offer a convenient platform for enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders to engage in educational sessions, discussions, and hands-on activities related to blockchain advancements.


This initiative focuses on the technical onboarding of developers into the web3 ecosystem. Participants undergo a comprehensive four-month sponsored Bootcamp, gaining the expertise required to excel in crafting smart contracts and decentralized solutions within the context of a specific protocol.

Main Event

June 10th - 15th: Radission Blu, Ikeja

Uniting Innovators and Regulators at LBW

At the heart of the Lagos Blockchain Week are cutting-edge presentations delivered by thought leaders and experts and representations from all protocols.

These keynote sessions provide deep insights into the latest trends, emerging technologies, and transformative use cases of each of the featured protocols within the blockchain space. 

We believe that this event will chart a new course and foster relationships for a thriving Blockchain ecosystem. 

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Crypto 101 Conference

by Coinex

Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

Build your crypto portfolio

Wallet Setup and Security Workshop

Beginner's guide to cryptocurrencies/Understanding DeFi Protocols

Creators Convergence Expo & Innovation Beyond Borders (Made in Africa)

Augmented Reality (AR) Development Workshop

Virtual Reality (VR) Creation Workshop

Digital Storytelling and Content Creation

AI in Practice

AI Applications Across Industries

Real-world Case Studies of AI Implementation

AI-driven Automation and Efficiency

Integrating AI into Business Processes

Challenges and Opportunities in Adopting AI Solutions

DWeb Storage Expo

by FileCoin

Practical hands-on exercises on using IPFS for file storage and retrieval

Developing applications that utilize Filecoin for distributed storage

Practical exercises on integrating Swarm for decentralized storage

Storj: Decentralized Cloud Storage Workshop

NFT Storage Workshop

Interoperability and Bridges: Connecting Blockchains on Polkadot

Developing DApps on Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM)

Hermez Layer 2: A Practical Workshop on zk-rollups

DeFi on StarkWare: Optimizing and Scaling Finance Applications

zkTube: Bridging Ethereum with Layer 2 zkRollup

Web3 BuiDLers Summit

Analyzing Data Trends with The Graph

Advanced Smart Contract Development on Ethereum

Rust Programming for Solana Smart Contracts

Polygon PoS Chain: Staking and Validator Node Setup

Liquidity Pool Management with Aave

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38-40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA, Lagos 100271, Lagos

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+234 803 297 2057

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Blockchain Interoperability and AI Focus: Dive into discussions about the latest advancements, challenges, and solutions in achieving seamless interoperability across blockchain networks while Powering Africa’s Digital Transformation.

Who we are

To promote interoperability, we have previously organized hackathons, bootcamps and workshops within the web 3 ecosystem across various states in Nigeria & Africa